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Mobile Hygiene & Shower Units

Mobile shower and hygiene units are designed to improve community heath and safety outcomes at the local level. Our mobile showers provide a much-needed resource for at-risk populations. Serving as a central point for Whole Person Care, mobile shower and triage units provide local agencies with the infrastructure needed to deliver coordinated field care plans. Coordinating medical care, behavioral health, and social services in a centralized field location is essential to those delivering and receiving services.

A lack of basic hygiene services, like access to showers, can contribute to an increase in health problems such as staph infections, urinary tract infections, scabies, lice, and open sores. By working with local agencies, these at-risk populations can be provided with health screenings, vaccinations, limited exams, TB testing — And A Hot Shower!

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Mobile Cooling Units

Our mobile cooling units can be deployed to areas experiencing weather and climate disasters, wildfire or firestorms, special events, emergency power-loss situations, and to work yards needing personal cooling facilities on-site. Our self–contained units provide on-site cooling stations to mitigate heat stroke or other adverse reactions to heat exposure.

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Mobile Triage or Custom Configurations

Units can be designed to meet specific triage or healthcare service needs. As an economical and mobile solution, custom configuration enables service providers to mobilize critical services into the field and bring services directly to those populations in need.