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Our Partnership with Gold Coast Health Plan & VCHCA

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Family Shelter Gets New Mobile Shower

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CarePodz Takes on Covid-19 at CMH (Ventura, CA)

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Healthcare & Humanity

Nearly one-third of all emergency room visits are made by people struggling with chronic homelessness: that’s an estimated $70 billion in emergency department utilization costs annually. Most of these visits are for illnesses that can be treated with preventative care.

In fact, about 80% of them.

To make matters worse, chronic homelessness is projected to see an 86% increase by 2023 from the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact is far reaching and presents serious financial implications for health care systems, supportive services, and Taxpayers in California.

But it’s more than financial strain, it’s a humanitarian issue, too.

Today, there’s an estimated 650,000 homeless individuals in the United States, and one out of every three are dying from treatable conditions. If you could impact their health before, after, and in-between care encounters, you’d have a major opportunity to reduce ED usage, length of stay and readmission rates, improve the financial well-being of health systems, and save thousands of lives.


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The Care Podz Solution

The homelessness crisis has skyrocketed in Los Angeles. In a June 2020 report, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority revealed an astonishing 66,436 unhoused people, a 12.7 percent increase over the previous year. The Economic Roundtable forecast says that number will increase to 89,760 by 2023, a 36% increase. And while the problem is most acute in California’s urban centers, homelessness is now a common fixture in many suburbs and rural towns. The Care Podz solution is subsidized by the Whole Person Care Act and is designed to help solve this problem by providing hygiene services and much needed support to the following providers on the front lines:

Health Systems

Hospitals & Care Centers struggling with the $70 billion in annual emergency department utilization costs & other valuable health care resources.

Service Providers

Outreach workers, emergency shelters, food banks, law enforcement and others who provide critical services to vulnerable populations.

Local Communities

Who have further costs from the high prevalence of behavioral health needs, and acute and infectious illnesses within the homeless population.

We’re Making a Difference

Care Podz is a mission driven company that provides mobile, self contained, hygienic environments subsidized by the Whole Person Care Act to reduce the financial strain caused by high users of multiple systems. Care Podz improves care and outcomes for our vulnerable populations, reduces the consumption of valuable emergency room resources, and helps the homeless and our veterans get the care they need.


The Care Podz Impact

Care Podz has partnered with Ventura County Healthcare Agency (VCHCA) to establish shower and hygiene services at Ventura River Haven, Santa Paula, and Oxnard in an effort to streamline access to available resources and bring them directly to those who need them most. Outcomes have shown a reduction in ER utilizations by as much as $6.5 million according to VCHCA.

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